Wednesday, September 2, 2015

MyPayingAds: the revolutionary revenue share adpack program(Online Business)

MyPayingAds is a successful business model of Adpack Revenue Share. Since its launch in March 31st 2015, this site has been consistently paying its members in a fixed rate. The owner of this biz is Sri Uday Nara who has a long time reputation in internet marketing. The design and development of MyPayingAds is highly commendable as it could balance the cash flow in a highly efficient manner.  

Analysis of MyPayingAds 

MyPayingAds is a viral advertising site offering high quality pro traffic via advertising along-with ad revenue sharing from sales. The site offers varying banner ad credits from each adpack plan that enables you to advertise your website to visitors from all parts of the world. Your website gets massive exposure along-with revenue share distributed from the sales happening.

Alexa Rank of MyPayingAds

Today, has a Worldwide Alexa Rank of 6510. is most popular in India with a nationwide rank of 2741.  The site is growing with more than 30,000 members and huge payouts have been made till date. 

About MyPayingAds

When coming in detail, this site is today's best online revenue share program often searched in search engines. Currently proposed daily earnings come in the range of  2.16% - 4%.

Now, let's see how this program works. There are 10 levels from which one can buy adpacks. Each adpack brings earnings every half an hour depending upon the revenue from sales. As the levels go higher, revenue share from them also go up. The site says that the ad pack plans are prepared so thoughtfully in view of long term stability to the site with continuous and progressive earnings to its members. They are sure to bring success.

AdPack-Plan 1: $1 share maturing at  $1.20 (120% Returns)

AdPack-Plan 2: $3 share maturing at  $3.60 (120% Returns)

AdPack-Plan 3: $5 share maturing at  $6.25 (125% Returns)

AdPack-Plan 4: $7 share maturing at  $8.75 (125% Returns)

AdPack-Plan 5: $10 share maturing at $13.00 (130% Returns)

AdPack-Plan 6: $15 share maturing at $19.50 (130% Returns)

AdPack-Plan 7: $20 share maturing at  $27.00 (135% Returns)

AdPack-Plan 8: $30 share maturing at  $40.50 (135% Returns)

AdPack-Plan 9: $40 share maturing at  $56.00 (140% Returns)

AdPack-Plan 10: $50 share maturing at $75.00 (150% Returns)

This is the Adpack Plan of MyPayingAds. Doesn't it look like a ball game? The first 9 levels have 200 adpacks from which you can buy adpacks of 1$, 3$, 5$....up to 50$. In each level atleast 100 adpacks should be bought in order to proceed to the next level. But as lower level adpacks mature continuously and quickly, it is recommended to go higher after buying the maximum number of lower level adpacks. Finally, 10th level has 2000 adpacks of $50 value each that mature to $75 returning 150%.

You will have a statistics table set like this after you become a member of MyPayingAds. Here there will be details of your cash balance, repurchase balance, active shares, share earnings, commission earnings and referrals. You need to click on 10 ads a day in order to claim your share earnings. 

How to earn from MyPayingAds

  1. Share earnings are credited to your a/c each half an hour. 
  2. Here 70% of your earnings go to repurchase balance and the remaining 30% to cash balance. 
  3. Using repurchase balance, you can buy more shares whereas cash balance can be withdrawn anytime. 
  4. It is a PTC site that requires you to view 10 ads a day to earn. As the site is set in surf free mode, you can click ads anytime as per your convenience before the timer runs out.
  5. Minimum cashout is $5.